Giving birth to this new identity can be as demanding as giving birth to a baby. You do not only grow a child, you also transition into a mother.


The breasts remain as the embodiment of her two conflicting identities: her sexuality as a woman, and the nurturing role of a mother. The physical, mental and emotional metamorphosis a mother goes through requires a healing process in order to reclaim a body shared for nine months.


This conceptual edition is meant to influence and inspire the maternity industry in the development of a new lingerie collection. Existing maternity wear tends to only explore functionality, neglecting the power of lingerie as a means of confidence for women, much needed post-partum. Caring for the well-being of the mother, this collection can be a powerful way to reclaim ownership of her body as a confident woman in order to draw deeper pleasure from the new identity she has given birth to.



Composed of two facing books, this conceptual edition means to emphasize the ambivalence between two identities.Titles and covers are embossed.