Aging is about living. It is a life long development that regards, concerns and unifies us all.  The negative perception of growing old centers on the denial that we will grow old as well.

Going grey is a sign of this life process. As one of the main visible marker of getting older, it is also the most stigmatized.

Hair might be an extension of oneself but in a culture obsessed with the fetish of youth, going grey can be experienced as a threat to one’s identity and sense of belonging.

SILVER  questions the societal need and pressure of putting a veil of dyes and colorations on it. It  addresses this issue through its image and communication means with the aim of presenting it as seductive and acceptable phase in life. 


Because grey isn’t a loss of color, it is the transition to another one.

Growing grey is about time, commitment and society acceptance.

SILVER accompanies women ready to take the grey step and encourages anybody going through or considering the grey transition in a series of magazine and empowering campaigns.