10X10 FATIGUE is a collection of unique handmade 

prints applied to ceramic tiles. They are a small scale version of The Production of Fatigue, and are available for sale.

The Production of Fatigue is a printing process revealing the creative potential of fatigue and exposing its unexpected aesthetic qualities by making use of the fading quality of a printer as its ink cartridges run low.

Using an analogue printer she built and designed (a handcrafted mechanical and linear motion similar to printers' systematic language) and leftover ink, every piece is the result of a dialogue between Léa Mazy and her analogue machine, together building a structure for the ink to express itself into stunning and fascinating patterns. Each print is the recording of its own production pace, telling its story through a unique outcome.

Léa Mazy is developing this printing method for the industry and is looking for industrial partners to explore her technique. She envisions this concept and process to have a large potential for the interior and textile industry and aims to inspire and challenge more manufacturers to sustainable and innovative visions in existing production processes.

The 10X10 collection of art pieces is for sale to support and fund her research into industrializing that concept.

You can order online by writing your request at : info@leamazy.com


Every piece is carefully chosen, covered in silk paper and packed in a precious velvet box.



Launched during Object Rotterdam 2019