The modern way of living with water is an illusion.


While celebrating modern comfort, the system of hidden water pipes has contributed to the feeling and perception of a limitless, dematerialized and invisible resource. 

Yet aware of its scarcity, we face everyday the complex paradox of a limited resource in unlimited access.


The common perception of water in our homes is through a 30cm stream flowing from a faucet down the drain. From that perspective, it is very difficult to assess and understand the amounts we consume every time we open a tap. The way we handle water is obviously out of sight. 


This lack of visibility and passive interaction with water do not allow for a change in our consumption habits. However, our water access system needs to adapt to the evolution and context of nowadays : a planet running out of water.


Challenging the way we perceive and interact with water in our homes, this alternative system questions the standards of modern water access with a strong focus on visible amounts and gestures. 


Bonding with water through gestural measurement based on pumping, as well as through visual estimation could encourage a much clearer understanding and sensory experience of our interactions with water. And therefore a greater responsive use.


With knowing will come caring, and with caring will come changes. 



Finalist of the Change Maker Challenge

Awarded by the Dopper Foundation